My current series, S/HE/R, My Norse Fylgja, deals with woven and crocheted wearables from a familial folkloric narrative. As the story goes, we are descendants of vikings, a commanding clan that were equally fragile. I am exploring the concept of the fylgja, a Norse spirit that accompanies a person and connects them to their fate. I imagine my spirit to be a colorfully-loud, dancing fool: powerful and free. There is an exchange- one of dualities of dominance and submission, fragility and power. Yet, the exchange also weighs on the concept of intimacy. Power from a woman. Power from the unknown as a headpiece that masks the face. Power from a whip, from ways of its movement. S/HE/R lives in its contradictions; nonetheless, it is also comfortable in a state of play. I want to dress up in costume and be something else, a different version of myself. I want to be hidden and completely present. I want to be vulnerable and protected. I want to be a jester with authority and invite others to do the same.



Recent Shows

NEW DIRECTIONS IN FIBER ART, Montclair Art Museum, Montclair, NJ 2/19-6/19


OCEAN SIZE, Gallery Petite, Brooklyn, NY 8/18

BELOW THE SURFACE, 440 Gallery, Brooklyn, NY 7/18

MAPPING EXPERIENCE, University of Vermont, Burlington, VT 10/17




Thank You


Jessica Ward, Subject in Photos

Alan Cano, Photographer